Scott Aycock, Tulsa singer-songwriter and local radio host and producer of the popular "Folk Salad" radio program, Celebrated the release of his second CD, "Foxhole Radio" in 2010.

Scott has been writing, singing and performing songs for 25 years. He won first place in the 2005 Ozark Mt. Folk Festival songwriting contest, and 3rd place in the 2006 International Billboard Songwriting Contest. The 1st place win was for the song "Ballad Of Frank Dean" off his 2000 debut CD release, "Pennies On The Track" and the 3rd place win in the "rock" category was for "Thousand Headlights", a song that is just now being released on his 2010 CD release, "Foxhole Radio".

The new CD features 12 original songs written and sung by Scott, who plays acoustic guitar throughout. When asked about the band, Scott smiles and says, "well for this project I didn't have a band of my own, so I did something I had been wanting to do for awhile and brought in some of my favorite Oklahoma musicians, spanning generations and musical genres to help me flesh out these songs." Scott added, "the making of this CD is in line with our mission on "Folk Salad- Certified Organic Music", in that we are trying to make folks aware of the rich diversity of great musical talent we have right here in our own state. This CD "Foxhole Radio" is just another way to spread that message. Counting myself, there are 25 Oklahoma musicians that lent their talent to this project."

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Silence is Deadly 99¢
Crowley's Ridge 99¢
Love of a Woman 99¢
Motown on the Radio 99¢
Train's Coming To Take Me Home 99¢
Hold On To What I Have 99¢
The Ballad of Frank Dean 99¢
Water Dripping 99¢
Your Daughter 99¢
I Saw Elvis 99¢
Burdens 99¢
Rusty Tracks 99¢
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2010 CD ONLY $16
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Individual Tracks (Listen and Purchase)
Thousand Headlights 99¢
Poor Boy's Dream 99¢
We're All In This Together 99¢
The River Runs 99¢
Lay Me Down 99¢
Love Among The Ruins 99¢
Delta Deals In Dreams 99¢
Discount Rate 99¢
Mabel And Jo Eddie 99¢
Wondering What Tomorrow Will Bring 99¢
Louisiana Stomp 99¢
Circus Love 99¢
Individual Tracks (Listen and Purchase)
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